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Cabinet Hinges in DubaiCABINET HINGES

Welcome to Cabinet Hinges, where you will find the most complete selection of both common and hard-to-find hinges for cabinets including concealed and semi-concealed, Blum and other European , demountable, Youngdale, Amerock and entertainment center cabinet hinges. You’ll also find Pivot hinges and pivot door slides and a lot more. All available in a wide variety of popular finishes and sizes, in stock and ready to ship to you.



American Made Hinges
Heavy Duty Hinges
Small Butt Hinges
Soss Hinges
Other Invisible Hinges
Piano Hinges
Continuous Hinges
Roton Hinges
No Mortise Hinges
Bi-Fold Door Hinge
Strap Hinge
Dummy Strap Hinges
Tee Hinges
Chest Hinges
Box Hinges – Lid Supports
Brusso Hinges
Garage Door Hinges
Folding Screen Hinges
Refrigerator Hinges
Ice Box Hinges
Weld-on Hinges
Welding Hinges
Hatch Hinges and Hardware
Shower Door Hinges
Sugatsune Hinges


Baldwin Hinges
Plain Bearing Butt Hinges
Ball Bearing Butt Hinges
Spring Hinges
Double Acting Hinges
Pivot Hinges – Pivot Sets
Screen Door Hinges
Screen Door Locks
Wide Throw Hinges
Swing Clear Hinges
Special Purpose Hinges
Invisible Hinges
Soss Hinges
Heavy Duty Door Hinge
Roton Continuous Hinges
Door Hardware


Table Hinges – Shelf Hinges
Butler Tray Table Hinge
Finial Tipped Hinges
Desk Hinges
Sewing Machine Hinges
Concealed Hinges
Hidden Hinges
Special Purpose Furniture…
Lift-off Hinges
Loose Joint Hinges
Glass Door Hinges


Shutter Hinges, Interior
Shutter Hinges, Exterior
Shutter Dogs, Exterior
Window Hinges
Truth Window Hardware
Shutter Hardware
Window Hardware
Door hinge


Blum, Grass, European Hinges
Semi Concealed Cabinet Hi…
Surface Mounted Cabinet H…
Demountable Hinges
Youngdale Hinges
Overlay Hinges, Wrap Around
Partial Inset Hinges
Pivot Hinges for Cabinets
Ball Tipped Butt Hinges
Pivot Door Slides
Entertainment Center Cabi…
Amerock Hinges
Olive Knuckle Hinges
Vertical Door Stays
Soft Close for Cabinets
Cabinet Knobs & Pulls
Cabinet Hardware


Butt, Strap & Tee Hinges
Gate Hardware & Hinges
Cabinet & Furniture Hinges
Window & Shutter Hinges
Industrial Hinges, Stainless
Screws, Stainless Steel


Gate Latches – Gate Locks
Weld-on Gate Hinges
Gate Strap Hinges
Gate Tee Hinges
Heavy Duty Gate Hinges
Gate Pivot & Weld-On Hinges
Bolt, Screw, Strap
Pintle Hinges
Swimming Pool Gate Hinges
Swimming Pool Gate Latches
Gate Spring Hinges
Solid Bronze Gate Hardware
Cane Bolts
Gate Wheels – Gate Closers
Gate Grills
Gate Handles
Gate Pulls -Gate Stops

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