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Garage Door Repair Dubai Arabian Ranches

Garage Door Repair Specialist

Over 10 years of experience repairing garage doors and saving my customers money.

I know your garage door will have one or more of these problems:
These problems apply to all ‘up and over’ and canopy doors.
Common garage door repair issues
Door hit by car and bent (very common!)
Broken or tangled cables?
Rollers won’t stay in track?
Door very heavy to use?
Door locks don’t work?
Broken spring or springs?
Electric door opener failed?
Broken brackets that everybody tells you are no longer available? (If I can’t get the bracket I will make one on-site and give a 5 year guarantee. No-one else offers this service!)

Handyman Service in Dubai for 2 Hours in Dubai Handyman type Work. Handyman Service in Dubai can include things like:

  • Assembly Of A Furniture Service in DubaiGarage Door Repair Dubai Arabian Ranches
  • TV Wall Mount installation Service in Dubai
  • Led tv wall mount installation Service in Dubai
  • Mounting Pictures, Mirrors Service in Dubai
  • General Maintenance Service in Dubai
  • TV Mounting Services In Dubai 
  • Curtain Service in Dubai
  • Painting Service in Dubai
  • Trim Work Service in Dubai
  • Curtain Fixing Work Service in Dubai
  • Gutter Cleaning Service in Dubai
  • Curtain walls installation Service in Dubai
  • Furniture Installation Service in Dubai
  • Cartons installation Services in Dubai
  •  Garage Door Repair Dubai Arabian Ranches
  • Handyman For 2 Hours Service in Dubai

This is just a short list and handyman work can include most things.1. I can repair all types and sizes of garage door for a fraction of the replacement cost
2. No call out charges
3. I’ll tell you straight away whether a cost effective solution is possible and give an instant quote over the phone
4. Daytime and evening visits
5. You only deal with me from start to finish

“All damaged garage doors can be repaired by me instead of replaced for a fraction of the cost of replacement”

You’ve probably been told that spares are no longer available for your garage door, so you’ll need to buy a new one. But I can supply parts for all doors going back to the 1960s.

I can make rare parts for older garage doors in my workshop and guarantee for 5 years.

This will still work out significantly cheaper than buying a new door for your garage.

What's included

  • Fast Service in Dubai
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Certified Pro
  • 12 Month Warranty in Dubai
  • Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Supreme Customer Service in Dubai

Why UAE Repair?

All UAE Repair projects are protected by our service guarantee and all work generally does not require you to pay anything until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

UAE Repair is geographically the largest home repair platform in the United Arab Emirates and you can feel safe hiring the tested and certified professionals. You can spend all day looking at review websites, but at the end of the day you are still hiring alone. Complete your projects with UAE Repair and we will make sure you are satisfied, and if you are not we will work hard to make you satisfied. UAE Repair customer service is our main product and your amazing experience is our only focus.


Automatic Garage Door Openers

I can supply new key fobs for old openers.

I also supply and fit brand new German belt driven units which fit all doors. Why not phone for a free quote to automate your garage door?

Whatever the problem with your garage door – single or double – any make – call me on 0509563824 and let me use my engineering expertise to save you a lot of unnecessary expense.

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Handyman Dubai Area Coverage Serves:

  • Abu Hail in Dubai
  • Al Awir First in Dubai
  • Al Awir Second in Dubai
  • Al Bada in Dubai
  • Al Baraha in Dubai
  • Al Barsha First in Dubai
  • Al Barsha Second in Dubai
  • Al Barsha South First in Dubai
  • Al Barsha South Second in Dubai
  • Al Barsha South Third in Dubai
  • Al Barsha Third in Dubai
  • Al Buteen in Dubai
  • Al Dhagaya in Dubai
  • Al Garhoud in Dubai
  • Al Guoz Fourth in Dubai
  • Al Hamriya, Dubai in Dubai
  • Al Hamriya Port in Dubai
  • Al Hudaiba in Dubai
  • Al Jaddaf in Dubai
  • Al Jafiliya in Dubai
  • Al Karama in Dubai
  • Al Khabisi in Dubai
  • Al Khwaneej First in Dubai
  • Al Khwaneej Second in Dubai
  • Al Kifaf in Dubai
  • Al Mamzar in Dubai
  • Al Manara in Dubai
  • Al Merkad in Dubai
  • Al Mina in Dubai
  • Al Mizhar First in Dubai
  • Al Mizhar Second in Dubai
  • Al Muraqqabat in Dubai
  • Al Murar in Dubai
  • Al Sabkha in Dubai
  • Al Muteena in Dubai
  • Al Nahda First in Dubai
  • Al Nahda Second in Dubai
  • Al Quoz First in Dubai
  • Al Quoz Industrial First in Dubai
  • Al Quoz Industrial Fourth in Dubai
  • Al Quoz Industrial Second in Dubai
  • Al Quoz Industrial Third in Dubai
  • Al Quoz Second in Dubai
  •  Al Quoz Third in Dubai
  • Al Qusais First in Dubai
  • Al Qusais Industrial Fifth in Dubai
  • Al Qusais Industrial First in Dubai
  • Al Qusais Industrial Fourth in Dubai
  •  Al Qusais Industrial Second in Dubai
  • Al Qusais Industrial Third in Dubai
  • Al Qusais Second in Dubai
  • Al Qusais Third in Dubai
  • Al Raffa in Dubai
  • Al Ras in Dubai
  • Al Rashidiya in Dubai
  • Al Rigga in Dubai
  • Al Safa First in Dubai
  • Al Safa Second in Dubai
  • Al Safouh First in Dubai
  • Al Safouh Second in Dubai
  • Al Satwa in Dubai
  • Al Shindagha in Dubai
  • Al Souq Al Kabeer in Dubai
  • Al Twar First in Dubai
  • Al Twar Second in Dubai
  • Al Twar Third in Dubai
  • Al Warqa’a Fifth in Dubai
  • Al Warqa’a First in Dubai
  • Al Warqa’a Fourth in Dubai
  • Al Warqa’a Second in Dubai
  • Al Warqa’a Third in Dubai
  • Al Wasl in Dubai
  • Al Waheda in Dubai
  • Ayal Nasir in Dubai
  • Aleyas in Dubai
  • Bu Kadra in Dubai
  • Dubai Investment park First in Dubai
  • Dubai Investment Park Second in Dubai
  • Emirates Hill First in Dubai
  • Emirates Hill Second in Dubai
  • Emirates Hill Third in Dubai
  • Hatta in Dubai
  • Hor Al Anz in Dubai
  • Hor Al Anz East in Dubai
  • Jebel Ali 1 in Dubai
  • Jebel Ali 2 in Dubai
  • Jebel Ali Industrial in Dubai
  • Jebel Ali Palm in Dubai
  • Jumeira First in Dubai
  • Palm Jumeira in Dubai
  • Jumeira Second in Dubai
  • Jumeira Third in Dubai
  • Al Mankhool in Dubai
  • Marsa Dubai in Dubai
  • Mirdif in Dubai
  • Muhaisanah Fourth in Dubai
  • Muhaisanah Second in Dubai
  • Muhaisanah Third in Dubai
  • Muhaisnah First in Dubai
  • Al Mushrif in Dubai
  • Nad Al Hammar in Dubai
  • Nadd Al Shiba Fourth in Dubai
  • Nadd Al Shiba Second in Dubai
  • Nadd Al Shiba Third in Dubai
  • Nad Shamma in Dubai
  • Naif in Dubai
  • Al Muteena First in Dubai
  • Al Muteena Second in Dubai
  • Al Nasr, Dubai in Dubai
  • Port Saeed in Dubai
  • Arabian Ranches in Dubai
  • Ras Al Khor in Dubai
  • Ras Al Khor Industrial First in Dubai
  • Ras Al Khor Industrial Second in Dubai
  • Ras Al Khor Industrial Third in Dubai
  • Rigga Al Buteen in Dubai
  • Trade Centre 1 in Dubai
  • Trade Centre 2 in Dubai
  • Umm Al Sheif in Dubai
  • Umm Hurair First in Dubai
  • Umm Hurair Second in Dubai
  • Umm Ramool in Dubai
  • Umm Suqeim First in Dubai
  • Umm Suqeim Second in Dubai
  • Umm Suqeim Third in Dubai
  • Wadi Alamardi in Dubai
  • Warsan First in Dubai
  • Warsan Second in Dubai
  • Za’abeel First in Dubai
  • Za’abeel Second in Dubai